Xitroo is not an anonymous service! There is no data privacy for the content of the emails! All incoming emails could be read by anyone! The Google Chrome Add-On sends for each visited website a request to check if incoming emails are available for this website. The produced logging data for this is only stored for system maintenance reasons. We have no knowledge who is behind this request. Requests from authorities are handled as they are defined in the german laws. IP addresses could be passed depending on the german laws. To speed up download of static files, we are using the CDN service CloudFlare and JSDelivr We use technical cookies on our website. We use "__cfduid" of CloudFlare, its helps to identify that the visitor is using a known device, even if the website is called by an insecure network (for example a coffee shop). With CloudFlare our website will become faster and more secure. We also use Google Adsense and the associated cookies. Personal data may be sent to Google in the process.